What is Karotz?

Discover Karotz, the stylish and communicative smart rabbit, connected to the Internet!


Karotz is a smart, communicating, rabbit-shaped object that connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Karotz is the ideal companion. It’s beautiful, sweet, funny, and educated. Karotz is extraordinary: It can speak, see, listen, obey, and move its ears! It will stop at nothing to make itself useful and to entertain you with a lot of applications!

Karotz connects to your Wi-Fi (Ethernet connection is also possible with a USB/Ethernet adapter and Ethernet cable, sold separately) and requires PC / MAC / Linux for installation. Karotz is equipped with a camera, a voice recognition system, a loudspeaker and an RFID reader.


What is Karotz1 What is Karotz?


Karotz makes the Internet talk, so you can receive all the information you want: weather, news, sports, gossips, horoscope, TV Guide…

Karotz informs you of updates on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and allows you to post messages and pictures!

Karotz keeps an eye on your home and sends you an email when your kids are back home.

Karotz reads and wakes you up with your favourite music (web radios, podcasts, mp3 files).

Take control of your Karotz from your smartphone or tablet (Apple iOS® and Android applications available): send a message, take pictures, play radio or MP3 files.

Karotz is a companion you can personalize with all the accessories available in the Karotz Store!

New applications are released regularly! You are sure to find an Appz just right for you in the Application Store!


Karotz is the successor to Nabaztag (Armenian for “hare”) and Nabaztag:tag, firsts models of rabbit-shaped object connected to the Internet, created by Rafi Haladjian and designed by Christophe Rebours.

Now, discover Karotz, the third generation of intelligent rabbit, on its website: www.karotz.com