KarotzNoel1 Happy Chistmas with Karotz!


It’s almost Christmas, and here are a few tips to have a wonderful and festive end of year with your smart rabbit :

1) Dress your Karotz like Santa thanks to the finecarrots website (a site with numerous costumes for Nabaztag and Karotz) : just print the costume, use scissors and glue, and have your rabbit ready for Christmas!  More details here.
2) Download the Happy Christmas webradio application made by wizz.cc (available in the US and the UK applications stores) to enjoy the fun of Christmas all day and night!


Happy Happy Chistmas with Karotz!
3) Thanks to the Say application, your Karotz can read messages, you can change Karotz’ tone and speed, and you can also program it so when the kids will receive their presents for example, Karotz will say for who is a certain gift, like a real Santa!
On the configuration screen, create a new profile, enter a special message for the person who will receive the gift, then configure a mini-karotz activation with any RFID object (nanoztag, flatnanoz…) that will be placed on or near the present. When the children will discover their Christmas present, they’ll just have to swipe the mini-karotz in front of Karotz’ nose to know for who is the present. It is possible to create 15 different profiles, but do not forget that for an easier activation, you’ll need a mini-karotz for each profile. Thanks to philippeimac from the french forum Nabaztag for this idea !

Happy Christmas from the Karotz Team!

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