FBTwitterDE Facebook and Twitter +, now available in German


Hello Everyone!

UK and US applications stores already have their Facebook and Twitter+ appz. They are now also available in the German applications store!

Download Facebook application in the German applications store here!

Download Twitter + application in the German applications store here!

With those applications, you can let Karotz informs you when you have new messages posted by your contacts on your Facebook and / or Twitter account, and ask your companion to publish texts, audio messages and even pictures!

First, you have to allow your Karotz to to be connected to your Facebook and / or Twitter accounts:

Once you have download Facebook or Twitter + appz, click on the button “Connect this application to your Facebook/Twitter account” (“Anwendung mit Ihrem Facebook/Twitter-Konto verbinden”) in the application configuration page, to open the “Social Networks”(“Meine sozialen Netz”) page, then click on the Facebook or Twitter button and follow the instructions.

In order to publish audio files on your accounts, you also have to give Soundcloud the authorization to connect to your network accounts:
On the “Social Networks” page, click on SoundCloud button, then sign up with your Facebook account (if you’ve already have a SoundCloud account, simply enter the email and password of your account).


How to use those applications?

On the configuration page of the application, you can choose:

- the information you want Karotz to read: messages, notifications, posts on Facebook, or private messages, mentions and new tweets on your Twitter feed

- to hear the oldest or the newest news first

- to mark all messages as read when you exit the application, or not

- the type of activation

Depending on the way to activate it, those appz work differently:

With voice command or manual activation, Karotz welcomes you with a first message. Press on Karotz button and when its light becomes orange, say a voice command to listen to your messages, record your text or audio message and post it, or to take a picture and publish it. You can also access the main features directly with specific voice commands. Check the “help” corner on your application’s configuration screen to know more about those voice commands)

With a periodical or scheduled activation, Karotz warns you directly if new information have been published on your Facebook or Twitter account. Press one time on Karotz button to listen to them.

When Karotz is reading a message, press once on its button to skip it.

For our german users that just want the simplicity of Twitter, reading mentions, feed, and direct messages, the simple Twitter appz, now called Mini-Twitter, can be downloaded from the German applications store right here.

Ready to discover (again) social networks with Karotz? Here you go!

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