A new Operating System is now available, that fixes the following issues:

  • The sound effect we have added in the last update when Karotz goes to sleep has been now removed.
  • We have added a new option in “My Account”, when clicking on your avatar and accessing the Personalization page of your Karotz: “Disable Karotz’s sound effects” (below the setting of your Karotz’s sleep and wake up times.) Check this box if you do not want to hear the sound effects we have added in the last OS update (http://blog.karotz.com/?p=6781&lang=en).

Note that since the last update, the default position of some Karotz’s ears position is not anymore vertical, but the left ear is slightly shifted towards the back. This is due to a fix we have done to avoid having some Karotz’s ear to stop moving. We cannot go back to the original default position at the moment without generating issues with the ears.


We thank you in advance for your understanding,


This update will be applied the next time that Karotz is turned off and turned back on. It will also be applied the next time that Karotz wakes up from a sleep schedule (given that a schedule is already set).


This update will take a few minutes. Karotz’s belly will blink orange slowly, and then progressing to a faster blinking state before returning to green. When the light turns green, Karotz will be then operational again.


Karotz Team

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