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Hello Everybody,

As you may have noticed, we have decided to change the Karotz Home Page with a new colourful, dynamic, modern and more understandable page. What will you see if you access it now?

All the useful information about Karotz’ life, applications and products, like the new price of Karotz, will be displayed with slides and visuals. Under the new page there are three new sections:

ADOPT ME, for those who do not have a Karotz yet (how is this possible?). Also for those who want to know what’s it for and how does it work, with links to Karotz video and our online Ztore.

MY KAROTZ, for those who already have a Karotz, with links to the USB installation utility, to their Karotz account, to the Applications Store and to all the Karotz accessories. Give your Karotz a unique style with accessories that suit your mood!

MY NEWS, with direct links to the Karotz Community! Access the Karotz Blog and Forumz, and of course to the official Karotz Facebook fanpage and Karotz Twitter account. Do not forget to like our Facebook page and/or to subscribe to our Twitter account to get the latest Karotz news!

Do you like this new design?

See you soon for other newz!

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Have a look to the new Karotz Home Page!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating