No doubt, you’ve already heard that ALDEBARAN Robotics is the new owner of Karotz and that we have created its very own subsidiary called Violet, which will continue the development of communicating objects for the general public.

We are delighted to be carrying on the tradition of this wonderful project initiated by Rafi Haladjian with Nabaztag. ALDEBARAN Robotics develops and sells robots designed to improve the human condition.

Nabaztag, and its cousin Karotz, the new generation of Internet-connected Rabbits, are very much part of this family.

We will be focusing most of our efforts on enriching the Karotz personality and functions and you will receive preview information about all the new features.

In particular, we will be working on its voice. I trust that you will adopt this new companion very quickly with as much enthusiasm as you reserved for its cousin.

Therefore, we have decided to extend the purchase  offer of $79/£69/€79 for all Nabaztag owners. The conditions of the offer are provided below.

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However, this does not mean that we are giving up on the Nabaztag and Nabaztag:tag users’ community.

I am pleased to announce that we have met the main coordinators and that we are doing our outmost to provide them with the resources needed to bring these rabbits back to life. In concrete terms, we will be contributing to open source development, hosting the community’s servers and providing voice recognition and synthesis services. We are working to make these new servers available before the end of the year.

The process should be very simple. You will receive a message from us informing you that you can switch on your rabbits and, without having to change anything, they will be operational again subject to the services available on the open source servers.

The Violet team is at your service to ensure that the time you spend with your rabbits is an unforgettable experience.

Fabien Bardinet

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