pola fabien2 Introducing Karotz Team: Fabien


And here we are to give you updates on Karotz.

We would like to start by introducing the new team working on Karotz.
We will present each person, one by one. You can also find those descriptions in the tab “KAROTZ TEAM” of this blog.

Karotz has got difficulties these last months, but is making its home in its new company since beginning of October.
Let’s start with the person we can all thanks for this: Fabien, COO of ALDEBARAN ROBOTICS and CEO of Karotz by Violet.

Fabien has spent 10 years managing international companies (mass retail, then finance) and 6 years as the COO of Aldebaran Robotics.
Now Fabien, as the CEO of Karotz by Violet, is leading this wonderful project and his new dedicated team. He is going to show you this is just the beginning of the adventure… Fasten your seatbelts!

See you soon for other newz!

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