Hello everyone,

First, please accept our apologies for not giving you updates on Karotz sooner. And sorry we mainly posted news in French the past few weeks…

As you may know now, things were quite tough in the last past months, but, since the beginning of October, Karotz has a great new home – Aldebaran Robotics / Violet.

All the team is now working hard putting everything back on track, so we can offer you the best features and applications for your Karotz, and help and support if you need any.

Starting next week, we will post news again regularly on the English blog – as we already start with the reopening of the Karotz Store-, and soon on Facebook and Twitter accounts.

As a reminder, now that we have updated information on our website –especially the email addresses-, if you need to contact us, please refer to the contact form available at http://store.karotz.com/contact, and select the subject you have question about.

Someone from the Karotz Team will answer you in 24 hours (business days) after reception.

If you have any request, you can also contact us at the following email address: community@karotz.com

We hope you will find all services you need for your Karotz, and that you will be satisfied,

Thanks for your understanding, and see you soon here for more newz…

Karotz Team

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