Hello to all Nabaztag owners!

New malfunctions appeared again some days ago on the Nabaztags’ servers. These malfunctions cause various technical problems on the rabbits, for example connection problems, blue lights, playback of the humors without interruption, services that do not function, etc. Furthermore they cause problems on the Violet website, where it gets difficult to access and setup the RFID accessories and the services.

Our actual priority is to fix these bugs. The functionalities and the services are still unstable and their correction will be done in a second time only.

The major problem is that some requests that access the servers get blocked for an unknown reason. Consequently the servers get filled up, and the launching of other processes gets stuck. Thus it is necessary to clean up the servers regularly.

We saved a copy of the servers, so it was easy to get back to a situation as it was about two weeks ago. Now there are still corrections to do in the code, but we hope to attain stable conditions again.

Concerning the connections, there are actually about 8,500 Nabaztags connected, against 10,000 rabbits that have been connected last week. But the number should rise thanks to the repairing.

Our technical team is doing its best during all these long days of maintenance, to fix all the problems. We would like to repeat that we are awfully sorry about these inconvenients, and we will try to keep you updated on this situation.

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Update on the Nabaztags’ technical problems, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating