Nabaztags are back!  Many of you have been asking when we will have an update regarding technical problems with the Nabaztag, we are pleased to inform you that the problem is also completely resolved.  Nabaztags are connecting one by one, at a rate of about 50 per hour.  Please leave your rabbit on and it will soon come back to life, if it hasn’t already!  All 25 servers have been repaired and all of them are fully functioning, except the violet.net server which unfortunately did not survive.  We are still working out the bugs that existed before the server exchange, please be patient!

Here is the status update:

The following services are now running at 100%: Tai Chi, weather forecast, stock exchange, radio, MP3. (If you ever have issues MP3 player please delete the app, reload and install it from http://my.violet.net/.)

We are still having issues with the Nabaztag talking too much or reading old messages, this is most likely due to server overload and we are working diligently on correcting these issues.

Traffic, air and stock exchange indicators are now functioning at about 80% and we are working on repairing the voice synthesis for text messages, Facebook, Twitter, e-mails and RSS feeds.  We are also aware of the problem with automatic standby modes; it appears to be an issue with the code which we are working to modify.  If your Nabaztag doesn’t wake up or sleep at the time you have set please configure your standby time adjustments again, you can also delete all your applications and reinstall them on your account via http://my.violet.net/.

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