Good morning everybody!

As you maybe already observed, the Nabaztags’ servers are running again, including the platform and the website. The rabbits are connecting one by one. Actually there are 1,400 Nabaztags reconnected, and more and more continue to connect.

However, please be aware that there are still problems left. It happens on a regular basis that the servers crash and that the rabbits get disconnected, because of the heavy traffic. Many people attempt to connect at the same time and the several events that are blocked since 10 days attempt to emit at the same time. So we will continue to clean up all the events that have become obsolete today, for example weather forecast requests or time requests, and we will continue to liberate more free space on the servers.

On the other hand we start to test the applications and services in order to find out which ones work again, and to repair those that didn’t resume their work.

Therefore we will ask you again for your patience. Please wait until your rabbits are reconnected and until they function normally again.

We will try to keep you up to date in the course of this week.

Have a nice day!

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