As you probably already noticed, your Nabaztags still light up in blue. That means that the rabbits cannot connect to the Internet, because our servers are still out of order.

We have already restarted all of our 25 Nabaztags’ servers, but during this restarts one of the servers broke down. And as a matter of course, it concerns the frontal server that contains the websites as well as our technical support tool. Some other services also had difficulties to restart.

For high tech fans: The servers are a Linux system with RAID 1 disks, and one of these discs has got broken during its restart. A second server has been turned on, but the starting process of the Linux system got blocked. No way to access the data from the server, and no way to connect these disks elsewhere. So we will need to reinstall a new server and copy all saved data on it. We also have to reinstall the website, and we don’t know how much time this all will take.

We are actively looking for solutions to repair these troubles as quickly as possible. Afterwards we will make some tests to make sure that the services work again. We are very sorry for all these problems, but please be sure that we won’t neither abandon the Nabaztags nor their parents!

For the moment we can only ask you to keep patience, and it would be helpful for us, if you could switch off your rabbits.

Have a nice day!

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Technical problems with the Nabaztags’ servers, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating