Hello everybody!

Before moving the Nabaztags on the Karotz’ servers, we will first move the Nabaztags’ servers and its platforms to a new place, and that from nine o’clock on. Our provider renovated his datacenter and he invited us to move our entire equipment to a brand new modernized place. This place is called “Isolated cold hallway”.

If this all works fine, the Nabaztags will be knocked out for the whole day, as long as the team will be reinstalling all the machines. At the same occasion we will also add more free disc space, because actually there is not space enough. Then the Nabaztags should already work better.

On your side you don’t need to do anything, except keeping patience. Everything will be done on our side.

We hope that thereby all Nabaztags will work better. Afterwards, in a second step, the Nabaztags will move again from their servers to the Karotz’ servers. But this will only be done once the Karotz have been released and the Karotz’ servers have been installed, and actually we don’t know yet when this will happen.

We don’t forget about the Nabaztags! They are the second point on our “to do list”. icon wink The Nabaztags’ servers are moving on Tuesday

Have a nice evening!

P.-S. We are always present in the Karotz chat. If ever you have questions, come to see us: http://community.karotz.com.

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