Hello everybody!

Most of you replied to our e-mail and informed us about your choices.

Concerning those of you who have chosen to receive a voucher on our internet site: You will receive 2 vouchers of 25 € each, valid during 6 months (from the 1st of April until the 30th of September 2011). You can use the vouchers separately or both vouchers at the same time. You will receive another e-mail this week with a unique promotion code.

Concerning those of you who preferred their money back: We have received you quest, and undertook the refund. You will receive your money in less than 10 days.

Concerning the Karotz beta testers: You will receive your Karotz during this week. You will also find enclosed a little manual about how to install and use it, the first available applications, how to access the Karotz Lab, etc.

Concerning all Karotz Lab subscribers (except Karotz beta testers): We received all your subscriptions. We are currently working on the Karotz Lab, and we will keep you informed by e-mail, as soon as you can access the Karotz Lab.

Next week we will organize 2 evenings on the Karotz chat: 1 evening for the Frenchies and one evening for the Anglophones. There we will reply to all your questions.

Have a nice week!

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