Today I would like to talk about our team, because we never told you how things are organized in here.

A Karotz is just like a restaurant. There is the visible and the invisible.

Let’s start with the dining-hall. There you find all those people who talk to the customers and bring the meals. The head waiter (the marketing manager) takes the orders, the cellar master (the press contact) provides the guests with useful guidance, and the waiters (or distributors) bring the orders to the customers.

Now let’s take a look into the invisible: the KITCHEN!

The kitchen is a very sensitive ecosystem, and they usually don’t appreciate other people to snoop around here. The head cook (the director) establishes de menu. He is responsible about what comes out from the kitchen, and he would never deliver any meal into the dining-hall, about which he is not convinced. After him comes the sous-chef (or project manager). He must watch over the whole brigade.

In the brigade everybody has his own specialty. One is making all the sauces (the web platform manager), another is working at the grill (the manager of the integrated applications), others are doing the pastries (the testers), and finally there is also the dishwasher (or hotline).

All these people try to work together. Sometimes there can be conflicts, but all in all it works rather fine.

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