Good evening everybody!

We were waiting for you to proceed to the unpacking of the first Karotz! He just arrived from China.
You will see what he looks like, what else is in the box, and how to install it quickly.

0 The weekly video: Arnaud unpacks the very first Karotz!
0” – 0’26 Arnaud welcomes everybody to the unpacking of the very first Karotz coming last week from the chinese factory, just right for the chinese new year.

0’27 – 2’30 Arnaud finally succeeds to unpack the rabbit. He takes out the multilingual manual, then the Karotz. He puts his ears on Karotz. Then he takes out the 2 Flatnanoz, the yellow one and the green one. The yellow Flatnanoz is for the weather forecast. Even if you did not configure this Flatnanoz, when you show it to the rabbit, he will give you the weather forecast.

2’31 – 3’07 Arnaud turns on the rabbit. First the rabbit shows a red light, that means that he is booting. Then the light turns into blue, that means that he is ready to be set. So Arnaud can start the setup.

3’08 – 4’40 The installation is made as easy as possible. Mostly you need to click on buttons “Next”. At the moment you still need to select the port of the rabbit, but later this step will also be automatic. You also need to select your internet network and to type in his name.

4’41 – 5’51 Finally the installation is finished and the rabbit is rebooted. The blue flashing light means that it is searching for the Wi-Fi connection. When the light turns prink, it means that it found the Wi-Fi connection.

Next week we will show you how to install your applications and how to use them.

Concerning this topic you can also read the article A new box for Karotz!

See you soon!

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