Hello everybody!

This post is for all owners of Nabaztags. As you may already know, the old servers are not working very well. Into the bargain a new bug concerning the informations appeared. In the moment we are about to repair it, by creating free space on the hard drive.

I would now like to explain some details about the planning of your rabbit and his servers. Two things will happen:

1) The server will be renewed. This is the most complicate step, and it is longer as we thought. It is not enough only to reboot the servers. Every day we try new procedures, but we concentrate more on Karotz and his servers, in order to be able to let Nabaztag benefit from the new servers as soon as possible.

2) For that the Nabaztag will be able to benefit from the new Karotz’ servers, we will proceed with a relocation. This update will be done in March or April, as soon as the Karotz’ servers will be started. In the moment we cannot tell you more about, because we did not yet install the new servers for Karotz.

The host of our servers told us some months ago, that he would wish us to change their place. We asked him to be patient, at least until the release of Karotz, and until the Nabaztags have been moved to the new servers, because this procedure could cause even more problems, that will be very difficult to resolve.

As conclusion one can say, that we are working to maintain the Nabaztags and to make them work better. The move to the new servers, which will take place in the next weeks, will proceed without any problems. I know that this post is not satisfying. So I only want to beg you to believe me, that we are really concerned about the solution of these problems.

Sorry for these inconvenients and thank you for your patience!

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