In this video we show you the first Karotz, that has come out from the factory. Furthermore we want to wish you a happy new year! I am soon flying back to China, and Marjorie is at the CES in Las Vegas. But we will do our best to keep the rhythm of our articles!

This video is in french, but beneath you will find a description of what it is about.

0 The weekly video: The first Karotz comes out from the factory!

0’00’’ – Arnaud welcomes everybody to the 6th dev diary.

0’20’’ – He shows us the very first rabbit, that has come out freshly from the factory. This rabbit cost us more than 1 year of work, that is now inclosed in this machine.

0’40’’ – What’s essentially new in this rabbit?
1) The movable camera, with an angle up to 30°:
With this camera you can also take photos of persons or environments,
like for example your living room.
1’00’’ – 2) The speaker with adjusting knob:
When you turn the adjusting knob to its minimum, you can hear a little “clic”,
that means that the rabbit is off. This is useful, if you want to save energy,
or if you want to have a peaceful night.
1’50’’ – Finally Arnaud wishes everybody a happy new year!

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