Today let us try to clear this up about the various special offers!

The 1st offer is for owners of Nabaztag v1 or v2:

You get a reduction of 50 €, if you reserve or buy before the 30rd of april 2011. You also must indicate the MAC serial number, that is on the bottom of your rabbit, as well as the e-mail adress of your account on Violet.net.

The MAC serial number of your Nabaztag can only be used once.

You can only use indicate one MAC serial number for each order of Karotz. If you have more Nabaztags, you only must give us one MAC serial number, to benefit from the reduction. For example, if you have 2 Nabaztags, you can indicate only one of the MAC serial numbers, and you receive a reduction of 50 € for the order of one Karotz. If you want to order 2 Karotz, you can indicate the 2 MAC serial numbers, but for the moment you need to make two orders separately.

If you lost your e-mail adress of you Violet account, please contact us through the contact form. Send us your name, your complete adress and the MAC serial number of your rabbit. We should be able to find you again, and to send you your e-mail adress back. icon wink An explanation of all special offers

The 2nd offer is for the 500 first reservations of Karotz:

The 500 frist clients who order on www.karotz.com, will receive an exlusive Nanoztag as gift. It is white and has a silver diode and a Karotz logo under one ear. So when you will receive your Karotz at home, you will also receive 3 RFID accessories: 2 Flatnanoz (yellow and green), which are included in the package, and one Nanzotag in limited edition.

This offer is independent from the 1. offer, whether you have a Nanoztag or not.

The 3rd offer concerns the sponsoring of Karotz:

Recommend Karotz to your friends, without restriction! Each friend that you convert will bring you a voucher of 20 € on www.karotz.com. This voucher can be used in the shop for accessories and in the shop for applications. To thank your friends, they will receive each a Karotz key ring.

Thank you for your confidence, and for your many orders!

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