Hello everybody!

We invite you to join us on the way to the arrival of the rabbit, because today is the day: Karotz’ website is online!

Visit www.karotz.com and learn more about the world of our big-eared friends. This website will centralise everything related to Karotz, and will allow you to configure your rabbit and his accessories.

For the moment this is still the beta version of the website, we keep on working on it. We hope that you will be patient, if some sections are not yet accessible.

But the shop is already fully operational. You already can make your reservations. At the same occasion, you can also inform yourself about the special offers and the different packages. We will soon publish a guide with all offers on the blog.

For fervent rabbit friends also the inscriptions to the beta version of the Karotz Lab are open! Go to the section „Lab“ and fill out the registering form.

You also can begin to create your community around the rabbit. Go to the directory in the section „Contacts“. You can send messages to each other, and you can take a look at the board to see what your friends are doing. Of course all these functionalities will later be connected directly with the rabbit. The section „Karotz Community“ will also open its doors soon. Here you will get access to the forums and the chat. For this section we still have some surprises in standby!

But that’s enough words for now! The best would be if you surf on your own, this is the best way to discover the website!

Many thanks for your patience, and see you on www.karotz.com!

Your Karotz Team

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Today Karotz opens the doors to his world!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating