Today, only for fun, we show you the the new box for Karotz icon smile A new box for Karotz .
Pack 3D1 300x229 A new box for Karotz
The box is not so high as the box of Nabaztag. And we tried to put as less text as possible, in order to se the rabbit better.
Karotz is sitting in the corner, so that he seems to be in three dimensions. You nearly could believe to hold him in your hands!
You can see Kartoz from far, because he is white on a chocolate coloured background. His logo is in silver, which gives him a “smart” touch (there is no need to laugh, because this is a fact).
On the backside you will find the four principal functions of Karotz:
- Call your friends for free
- Get the informations that you are interested in
- Watch your home
- Listen to your music

In the lower corner of the box there is also a technical detail: a QR code that connects you to the web page of YouTube, where you can watch the video of Karotz.

What does the box contain?
- Karotz, of course
- An electric cable with international adapters (warning: this adapter is different from the one for the Nabaztag)
- A user’s guide in 4 languages (french, english, german and spanish), and there will be other languages.
- 2 Flatnanoz, that are already configured, but you can reconfigure them
o One yellow for the weather forecast. Thanks to the geolocalisation system, Karotz tells you the weather forecast of the place where you live. But if you want to receive the weather forecast for another region, you only have to make the changement on the website.
o One green for the traffic information. You also can specify the route you prefer on the website.

Warning! To make Karotz function, you need a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) and a Wi-Fi. If you don’t have no Wi-Fi, you still can get a ethernet cable.
And the good news for those who never could connect their Nabaztags to the Internet, from now on it can also can encrypt WEP, WPA and WPA2.

Let’s take a look at how it could look like in the shops, and how puzzles can be created with the different facings of the box.
Shop1 300x181 A new box for Karotz

As soon as we get a real specimen (in the moment we only have rabbits for the development), we will open it in front of you! We get less and less patient.

We wish you all a good day!

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