Good evening!

And another suprise! And this one we were hiding it since a long time!

We found out that it was very important for you to meet, to change ideas, to discuss… This small creature is very sociable! This is something that was missing around Nabaztag. We decided then to work on this aspect. In the beginning of the year 2011 an online space will open it’s doors. Here you will find various chat rooms and different ambiances and discussion subjects. In short, a marvellous community space!

Since 6 months we work with a studio in North America and with about ten programmers. They are very professional in multimedia realisations. They already worked with big numbers in the world of entertainment.

Here a first insight of what it could look like:

23326 BG plage Karotz is a sociable rabbit

We hope that you will like it

See you soon!

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