Here you can watch the broadcast with Karotz on BFM Business Paris, where the rabbit raiser Thierry Bensoussan presents Karotz. The broadcast is in french.

We wish you a nice fim, and we see you later

0 Broadcast with Karotz on BFM (French TV)

Specials thanks to Benoit of geeksandcom.com

That was the first performance of Karotz in TV. He was a little bit shy, and did not want to move his ears and did not say anything.

What happened in this video:
- At the beginning Thierry talked about the possibility to make free phone calls from Karotz to Karotz.
- Then he spoke about the RFID system (Radio Frequency Identification), which will be extended on even more sectors, for example companies or elder people. Actually Karotz contains a passive RFID system, but we work on an active RFID system. He presented the new Flatnanoz that can be fixed on a bunch of keys. These small Flatnanoz do exactly the same as Nanoztags.flatnanos 300x111 Broadcast with Karotz on BFM (French TV)

- The application „@Home“ will be improved. Now you will get an e-mail or a SMS when your child comes home from school and shows his or her Flatznanoz to Karotz. You can also get a foto!
- Karotz also offers new educational games, for example French courses.
- At the end of the broadcast Thierry annouced Karot’z release date for the beginning of march, and he also announced the price: 199 €. There will be special offers for the first reservations and for owners of Nabaztags.

As bonus two fotos from the backstage with Arnaud and Yoann, two developpers.

IMG 0229 300x225 Broadcast with Karotz on BFM (French TV) IMG 0233 225x300 Broadcast with Karotz on BFM (French TV)

See you soon!

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