Hi everyone!

You are waiting for these news since a long time, now here they are! Ok, you may be disappointed, because you did hope to find Karotz under the Christmas tree, but there have been some last minute surprises. Let me explain the reasons for this delay.

First we wanted to release the new version in September 2010. We had 9 months to create an amazing project! But these 9 months quickly became 10 months, then 11, then 12…

What happened that year:

In October 2009 we adopted the rabbits. In November 2009 we gave them another name. We did like Nabaztag very much, but we needed a name that can be easily memorised, and that sounds more international. Remember the first time you saw this name? Didn’t you try to pronounce it 3 or 4 times?

In February we released a survey that allowed us to rework our commercial strategy (positionning, targets, objectives, etc.) Only for information: 62% of Nabaztag owners are men, among these 44% are between 26 and 35 years old, 73% would suggest Nabaztag to a friend, and more than 50% personalised their Nabaztag with earz or home made costumes… and they also have accessories, mostly Nanoztags. Thank you again for your help!

In march we defined the technology inside the rabbit: processor, memory, RFID reader, WiFi antenna, webcam, etc. In April we finished to define all accessories that we wanted to develop for its release. If we want to release the new rabbits for September, they should go to manufacturing now, but unluckily many problems occurred in the following 6 months: The electronic chips could neither be manufactured nor certified. Some electronic components had to be changed in the last minute. We also had to add a scroller for the webcam, for that the camera will be able to record the view in any direction, no matter if Karotz is sitting on a cupboard or on a bedside table… and I didn’t tell you all!

But last week we got very good news! Karotz has passed the first certification test! The clonging can now begin!

So it is true that the delay was long, but in the end Karotz will have his own on-board intelligence, new electronic components, and useful and funny applications. The most important for us is to offer a high-quality product.
Karotz can be ordered in advance from december on, with likeable commercial offers for the first reservations and for owners of Nabaztags. We will keep you informed.

From now on Karotz will get famous and goes on tour:

Karotz is invited to the CES in Las Vegas from the 6th to the 9th of January 2011. Also we need you to help the Americans to discover Karotz. A contest has been installed in order to create a buzz on the trade fair : The first 5 videos that reach the most votes will be published on the CES website. Please vote before the 26th of November here: http://www.cesweb.org/Contest/
Our video is the number 13 of the list (maybe a number of good luck?!). Click on “LOVE IT”, register and it’s done!

Thank you everybody for your participation on the buzz. 2011 will be the rabbit’s year!

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Karotz points his ears straight up in March 2011!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating