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Regarding the technical issue that currently affects Karotz (Edit: problem solved)

Edit 02/06/2014: The Karotz server issue described below has been fixed on May, 30th evening (Paris time).

If your Karotz did not connected itself by now (flashing green light), you can force the connection by turning it off and on.

The Karotz website (www.karotz.com) is also back online and fully accessible.

Thank you again for your patience and comprehension.


The Karotz Team



Hello Everybody,


You probably noticed it if you are using Karotz: your smart rabbit cannot connect to the network and you cannot access the Karotz website correctly.


This is due to a server error that affects Karotz’ services and website. It is for now impossible to install or use Karotz, to access to your Karotz account or to download applications. This kind of incident can usually be fixed in a couple of hours, but the current issue is more important and our team is still investigating about the problem. We cannot say exactly when everything will be fixed, but we are doing our best in order to bring back all services online as soon as possible. We will keep you posted regarding this situation.


We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and the delay. Thank you for your patience and your comprehension.


The Karotz Team

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